CAAT: Racialized PHA 0A45+ Consultation

The Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT) is a coalition of affected individuals and organizations committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV (PHAs) who are facing access barriers related to their precarious status in Canada.

The Legacy Project is a PHA mentorship program to improve access to health and social services, address stigma, and increase uptake of behaviors that prevent HIV, especially those from racial minority communities and those who are newcomers to Canada.

OA45+ is a program under the Legacy umbrella that consists of three-day in-person training for racialized Persons Living with HIV (PHA) 45yo+. The training aims to provide information and skills around sexuality, decisional balance, income supports, awareness of resources available, and planning for the long term.

Due to COVID-19, our in-person training has been temporarily suspended until it is safe for us to gather again. To adapt to the changes, CAAT is happy to send this online consultation to check in with the community and gather information and emerging needs from older adults 45+. This will allow CAAT to revise the sessions’ content and add any topics that the community deems necessary.

How will it work?
If you are a racialized Person Living with HIV 45 years of age or older, we invite you to fill out the online survey (found here) that will be open until April 13th. After review, the team will update the content based on your feedback. There will be a virtual meeting for those who can attend to share and discuss the results and build strong content for the training; lastly, CAAT will launch the revised curriculum later in the spring or beginning of summer and will send you the registration form to the email you will provide during this consultation or through our community partners.

The Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment looks forward to working together to build a successful program.

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