Seeking individuals to join our Board of Directors

Missing jigsaw puzzle written with JOIN US.
Missing jigsaw puzzle written with JOIN US.

The OAN is seeking a committed board member from the Western region to contribute to strategically leading the organization and helping us meet our mandate. Serving on the Board is an extraordinary opportunity for someone who is passionate about Ontario’s HIV sector.

Per the OAN by-laws, this seat must be filled by a person living with HIV who also resides in the Western region of Ontario. 

The OAN is committed to ensuring that people with HIV/AIDS have a leading voice in governing the organization. In accordance with the provisions of OAN By-Laws, a majority of the Board of Directors must be people who are living with HIV (PLWHIV). Candidates seeking to fill a PLWHIV designated position must be willing to disclose their status in this application.  

In addition to promoting PLWHIV leadership the OAN is also committed to ensuring the diversity of the Board reflects the community of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario to the greatest extent possible and supports regional representation and accountability. 

If you are interested in serving on the OAN Board, please complete the nomination and email it to boardofdirectors@ontarioaidsnetwork.ca

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