Our History

Since 1986 OAN has grown to a membership of 45 agencies, creating one of the strongest health movements in Ontario.


In 1986, about a dozen AIDS Service Organizations recognized the need for information-sharing and peer support; thus, the Ontario AIDS Network was born.
For over 20 years, the OAN has evolved and grown to a membership of 45 agencies, creating one of the strongest health movements in Ontario.

The Ontario AIDS Network advocates for its member groups for sustainable funding, user-friendly legislation, and state-of-the-art treatment for all persons living with HIV/AIDS in the province. The OAN is a leader in the AIDS movement with representation on the Ontario Ministry of Health Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network.

The OAN gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Ministry of Health, AIDS Bureau and Health Canada’s AIDS Community Action Program for their ongoing funding. The OAN also gratefully acknowledges the support it receives from the Federated Health Campaign as well as members of the community throughout the province of Ontario.

Our Staff

Nasra Smith

Executive Director

416-364-4555     ext. 309

Kate Palbom

Manager of Policy
and Advocacy

416-364-4555     ext. 320

Romilson Garcia

Director of Finance
and Administration

416-364-4555     ext. 302

Tara Jewal

Manager of PLDI
and Special Events

416-364-4555     ext. 304

Jiang Gao

Administrative Assistant

416-364-4555     ext. 313

Martin Bilodeau

PLDI National Coordinator | Coordonnateur national de l’IDLP

416-364-4555 ext. 316

Mailing Address

Ontario AIDS Network (OAN)

252A Carlton St. Unit 300
Toronto, ON
M5A 2L1


Statement of Principles

The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) is a network of community-based organizations which were formed as a grass-roots response to needs for AIDS services and information. The OAN is grounded by the following key principles:

Greater Involvement and Meaningful Engagement of People with HIV/AIDS (GIPA/MEPA)

The OAN is a signatory to the Ontario Accord and commits to GIPA/MEPA. The lived experience of people living with, and vulnerable to, HIV drives and informs our activities and is the central focus of our work.

Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Anti-Stigma

OAN acknowledges and celebrates our diversity which includes: gender, culture, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, language, ethnicity, immigration status and country of origin. We are committed to removing barriers that impede access to information and services. We train our staff and members to be sensitive and respectful to the needs of people from all backgrounds. We advocate for support and information that is personally meaningful and respectful of each person’s particular culture and socio-economic experience, is sex-positive, gay-positive and non-judgmental concerning injection drug use. We make accommodations to serve the specific needs of our diverse population. Those living with and affected by HIV continue to face stigma and discrimination in many aspects of their lives. The OAN will ensure that its members have the necessary tools, services and programs that will combat stigma and end discrimination.

Harm Reduction

OAN promotes and supports harm reduction strategies throughout our work. We build capacity and advocate for programs and services that reduce the health and social harms associated with sexual and drug-use practices. We respect individual rights and choices around drug use and seek to provide services that promote well-being of individuals.

Accountability and Transparency

The OAN is accountable to its stakeholders and operates in a transparent manner. We are responsive to the needs of our members, report on our actions and communicate regularly with our members.

Our Board of Directors


Randy Davis

Charlene Day 

James Gough


Dane Record (Co-Chair)

Adrian Betts (Secretary)


Claudia Medina (Co-Chair)

Paul Cadiente (Treasurer)


Tim McClemont



Advisory Committee


Jasmine C. 
Kellie L. 
Valerie K. (co-chair)


Ben R.
Gord A. (Co-Chair)


David S.
Ower O. 
Trevor G.


Celestine K.
Matthew F.
Rob N.

Privacy Policy 

The Ontario AIDS Network’s privacy policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect and use the personal information that is provided to us and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our products. The information you provide will be treated as private and confidential.