Honour Roll

A renewed Honour Roll Award is coming in October 2022

In 2020/21, the OAN Board of Directors lead a sector-wide consultation to renew and update the Awards. The outcome of this consultation is based on responses from over 40 survey respondents from each region, input and guidance from the OAN Advisory Committee of People Living with HIV, and community-based agency leaders, and endorsed by the OAN Board of Directors. Through this collaborative process, the nomination and selection process have been updated, and the Award categories were reviewed and modified.

During this consultation, and over the carrying out our daily, collective work, a need to better acknowledge and recognize the experiences, contributions, and resistance of Black, Indigenous, Spanish Speaking, Asian and racialized communities. This includes acknowledgment of the historic and ongoing inequities and barriers that hinder the health, wellness, and self-determination of racialized people and communities doing work and seeking support within Ontario’s HIV response. These inequities, upheld by colonialist systems and institutions that continue to centre whiteness have often obscured the immeasurable contributions of racialized people, communities, and organizations. This has also been the case for equity-seeking individuals and communities including trans people, people with disabilities, people who use drugs, prisoners and ex-prisoners and others whose work, resistance, and participation have been critical to the improving Ontario’s HIV response. The consultation process also made clear the need to ensure inclusion, recognition of the contributions of volunteers and staff working in agencies across the province.

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