GIPA/MEPA Focus Group: A Huge Thank You!

In the past couple of weeks, the OAN’s Advisory Committee of People Living with HIV has been working with our members and Ontario’s community of people living with HIV to update the Ontario Accord and renew our sector’s commitment to GIPA/MEPA. 

We reached out to people living with HIV, volunteers, OAN member/affiliate staff to participate in focus groups to guide the renewal of the Accord and more than 150 participants registered. A big thank you to all those who registered and/or shared information about our focus groups for the renewal of our commitment to the principles and practice of GIPA/MEPA. We had an overwhelming response and we look forward to launching a new Ontario Accord in the coming months. 

Do you have more to say but no time for a focus group?

Can’t make it to your focus group? Want to further participate in the renewal of the Ontario Accord? We’ll be releasing a sector-wide survey for the renewal of our commitment to the principles and practice of GIPA/MEPA soon. Please watch for this survey in the coming weeks. 

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