Focus Group Participants Needed for the Ontario Accord

This year, the OAN’s Advisory Committee of People Living with HIV is working with our members and Ontario’s community of people living with HIV to update the Ontario Accord and renew our sector’s commitment to GIPA/MEPA. But we can’t do it without your input.

If you are living with HIV or volunteer or work in an OAN member or affiliate organization, we invite you to participate in a focus group that will guide renewal of the Accord and the principles that guide our work and our sector. 

About the Focus Groups

Starting on November 17 we will be holding twelve (12) separate focus groups for fifteen (15) priority communities who represent Ontario’s diverse and intersectional community of people living with HIV and AIDS. Focus groups will be delivered in English and French. Each person who signs up will participate in one focus group only. 

  • Eligibility | Focus groups are open to people living with HIV in Ontario and to staff and volunteers of OAN members and affiliates.
  • Time commitment | Sessions are expected to take about 2 hours.
  • In person or online | Focus groups will be held online over Zoom. You will get a link to access the focus group after you have registered. 
  • Facilitators | Focus groups will be facilitated by a consultant team working with the OAN to do this work. (learn more about the team here)
  • Zoom Recordings | Focus groups will be recorded on Zoom for the purpose of note taking only. Session recordings will be destroyed once notes are completed. Participants can choose to keep their cameras off and use an alias name or initial. 

How do I Sign Up?

Fill out the focus group registration survey found here to sign up for a focus group. We will then send you an email with meeting details, a resource package and a meeting link. 

The answers and information you provide in the registration survey helps our facilitators know bit more about your experiences and location, and to find the right focus group for you. 

Get Paid for Your Time

Compensation is $50 and will be paid using Everything Cards.

Receive a gift card for the store of your choice or divide your $50 dollars between multiple stores and businesses. See for a list of stores. 

Note: Member and affiliate agency staff who participate in focus groups during work hours are not eligible to receive honoraria payment.

What About Confidentiality? Do I have to Use My Name?

To protect your privacy and confidentiality, you will NOT be asked to provide your name in the focus group registration survey, only an email address. 

Which Focus Group Should I Join?

We will be holding 12 separate focus groups for 15 priority communities who represent Ontario’s diverse and intersectional community of people living with HIV and AIDS. When you sign up to attend a focus group, please choose two groups listed in the registration survey that you think represents you the most.


Send your questions by email to Tara Jewal at

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