The Positive Leadership Development Institute™ in Ontario is pleased to announce a new life skills opportunity for PLDI™ graduates.

Part of our work as leaders in our own lives is to consider our own answer to questions
such as;

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
What’s your strategy for accomplishing it?

If you struggle to answer any of these questions or you don’t like your answers, maybe it’s time for a life coach.

But what exactly is “coaching” anyway?

“Coaching is a practice that specializes in changing awareness, action and the world around us.” *

The PLDI™ Life Coaching program is being offered on a limited basis to PLDI™ graduates through an alliance formed by the Ontario AIDS Network with a professional life coaching program. This is a pilot program and due to demand we anticipate a waiting list. Coaching is being provided on a no cost and confidential basis by trained life coaches. Please note that life coaching requires a significant commitment by all participants and that this coaching will occur on the telephone. Due to the time and costs involved the PLDI™ life Coaching Program is being offered on a limited basis to PLDI™ graduates who want to increase their leadership in their own lives and who are able to fully commit to the coaching process.

Making the Commitment to the PLDI™ Life Coaching program

What we expect from you:

  • Be a graduate of PLDI™
  • Be fully present and on time for all sessions
  • Able to commit to up to 10 sessions
  • Able to commit to a phone call once a week and that you have access to a phone in a quiet private setting.

Long distance calls to enable participation may be supported as appropriate.

To learn more about this opportunity please get in contact with Tara at Tjewal@ontarioaidsnetwork.on.ca Tel (416)-364-4555 ext. 304.

* “Coaching with the Brain in Mind”, David Rock and Linda J. Page

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