Imposter Syndrome: How It Affects Your Workplace and Marginalized Bodies

Description: Imposter Syndrome affects more than 70% of people and the opportunity cost is monumental for any organization. Imposter Syndrome also affects people of colour and women in far greater numbers and in different ways.

Join this workshop, on International Women’s Day and learn about the different types of Imposter Syndrome; how you can take tangible steps to tackle it and take a deeper dive on the specific impact it has on women of colour in particular.

Presenter: Alia Ali, Principal Consultant Empathy Catalyst Consulting

Audience: This is a interactive virtual workshop intended for non-clinical workers supporting people living with HIV. This includes: HIV Mental Health workers in ASOs and clinical environments and front line support workers serving HIV positive or at-risk clients.


Mar 08 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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