Welcome, Hope! So long, Ryan!

The OAN is excited to announce that following a recruitment process that saw more than 25 applicants and interviewed four highly qualified folks, we’ve hired Hope Ramsay as our new Manager of Communications and Member Development. 

Hope brings a depth of experience in our sector and has held positions at Black CAP and the OHTN; she is also a nurse and has served in HIV-related clinical roles in the Caribbean throughout the 1990s. Most recently, Hope was the Manager of Prevention Programs at 360 Kids. She also brings significant experience as a professor, trainer and adult educator in a range of settings.

As Ryan Kerr’s last day at the OAN was yesterday, we wish him well as he assumes his new role at OHTN as the Lead, Toronto to Zero, supporting the Toronto to Zero project and other Collective Impact initiatives beginning later this month.

Ryan came to the OAN at a time of significant internal change and has delivered highly innovative and creative programming over the last year and a half. Working closely with Acting ED Wendy Pinder and with the new permanent ED Shannon Ryan, he helped to reinvigorate the Skills Workshop Series, created and launched our new Skills+ program (register here!) and was the creative force behind this bi-weekly newsletter.

We have no doubt that Ryan will again work his magic in his new role and we wish him all the best. We welcome Hope in her exciting new adventure here beginning September 3, 2019.

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