FINAL REMINDER! PLDI Online Core Training

Registration for the Positive Leadership Development Institute‘s Online Core Training is open until October 25th, 2021.

The Online Core Training sessions are Wednesday, November 10, 17, & 24th, 2021

Successful applicants will participate in our November Online Core Training. This training is offered at no cost to participants.

NOTE: This training is not open to those who have already taken PLDI Core Training.

The Online Core Training is: 

  •  A dynamic online adaption of our in-person Core Training for new participants.
  •  A mix of instructor-driven sessions through Zoom and self-paced/directed sessions offered through Brightspace.
  • A mix of three weekly three hours facilitated and self-directed sessions

How to register

PLDI registration is open from September 24th– October 25th, 2021

Go here to apply: https://pldi.ca/apply/

NOTE: All applications will be reviewed by the PLDI Ontario team to ensure diversity and a mix of seasoned and emerging leaders. 

If you know someone living with HIV who might be interested in this training, pass along the short promo video.

Who is PLDI for?

PLDI is designed for PLHIV who are interested in building their leadership and resilience capacities either in the HIV sector or their personal lives. This program welcomes anyone living with HIV to apply for this leadership course. PLDI is a professional development opportunity – it is not a support group. People attending the training are expected to be present and participating for the duration.

Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to see themselves as part of a larger community of PLHIV, value and appreciate the unique experiences that accompany anyone living with HIV, and understand the history and evolution of the global and local responses to HIV.

It is important to note that there are limitations to what this course is able to achieve. It is not designed to assist PLHIV to come to terms with their diagnosis, and it is not a therapeutic intervention.

Ensuring that PLDI graduates are supported, prepared and able to go back into their communities to commit to social change and to challenge HIV stigma is an ambitious undertaking. It is our belief that it is the collective effort and the passion of PLHIV who have driven many of the changes in HIV policy, practice, and research and it is PLHIV who will affect how we see HIV tomorrow.

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