Women-Centred HIV Care Toolkits

A team of HIV clinicians, researchers, advocates and women living with HIV,  have worked with the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) to develop two new clinical toolkits on Women-Centred HIV Care using an integrated knowledge translation approach. Team members include OAN members Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention and the Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy.

One toolkit has been developed for women living with HIV, themselves, as a self-management and health self-advocacy tool. The second toolkit is to support HIV clinicians and other service providers to deliver Women-Centred HIV Care. Both are now available online.

Around 14,500 women live with HIV in Canada, and delivering holistic integrated trauma-aware person care is essential for their health and wellbeing. This type of care acknowledges each woman as a unique individual, working with them using a participatory model of decision making.

Key sections within the toolkits include: trauma- and violence-aware care; person-centred care with attention to social determinants of health and family; HIV care; women’s health care with attention to sexual and reproductive health and rights; mental, emotional and addiction health care; and peer support, leadership and capacity building.

You can read about the extensive community-collaborative process of developing the Women-Centred HIV Care Model and Toolkits on this website or directly download the toolkits here.

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