Welcome Shannon!

Our new Executive Director, Shannon Ryan, has had his first days at the OAN last week!

It’s been busy, to be clear, but Shannon wrote a letter to our Membership outlining some intentions for his leadership:

“As you know, my transition into this role will take place over the next two months. While my time in the office will be limited, I will be checking email and voicemail regularly and will respond to urgent issues as required. I have a number of goals over the next few months. The first is to engage with the OAN staff team and board to build a deeper understanding of their needs and goals. The second is to visit as many member agencies as possible and engage with our funders to get a sense of their expectations. Next is to determine our priorities related to advocacy and election planning in collaboration with our members. Finally, I also hope to continue the OAN’s focus on PHA engagement and inclusion in our work and deepen my understanding of the expectations our PHA community has of this organization.

“It’s clear that the OAN has many challenges to face over the coming months and years given the funding and political environment. I look forward to working with you all to face them and to build on a strong OAN legacy.”

We have shared the full letter on our website. Read the full post here.

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