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On February 9, 2021, the ACB Network of Waterloo Region hosted a live stream panel discussion. Ruth Cameron, Executive Director at ACCKWA, moderated this two-hour conversation with medical staff and healthcare professionals to explore questions about COVID-19 and vaccinations. Specifically, the panel spoke about the effects of the pandemic on racialized communities, health equity and anti-Black racism and what’s to come with vaccinations.


Have you considered why most harm reduction and drug policy activists support the movement to Defund the Police? How are harm reduction philosophy, drug policy reform and the movement to defund the police linked? How do the police benefit from the criminalization of people who use drugs?

Defund the Police has been a strong rally cry in the US and Canada. #StimulusConnect will discuss why defunding the police is an essential part of harm reduction based practice. Join this group of Canadian panelists for Defunding the Police, a moderated discussion.

What is Racial Battle Fatique?

Racial battle fatigue is the “cumulative result of a natural race-related stress response to distressing mental and emotional conditions. These conditions emerged from constantly facing racially dismissive, demeaning, insensitive and/or hostile racial environments and individuals.”

The term, coined in 2003 by Dr. William A. Smith, professor and chair in the Department of Education, Culture & Society and the Division of Ethnic Studies at the University of Utah, describes the psychophysiological symptoms—from high blood pressure to anxiety, frustration, shock, anger and depression—people of color may experience living in and navigating historically white spaces.

Racial Battle Fatigue: What is it and What are the Symptoms?
Understanding Racial Battle Fatigue


Cityline host Tracy Moore leads honest discussions about race, privilege, and how to achieve systemic change. Panelists include historians, academics, activists and young leaders, whose focus on Anti-Black racism in Canada begins with an overview of how we got to where we are today by understanding our country’s deep-rooted and longstanding racism towards the Black community.

Key Discussion items:

  • The history of two-centuries of slavery in Canada
  • Canada’s history of anti-Black migration policies
  • How anti-Blackness and anti-Indigeneity sit at the root of white supremacy and white dominant systems in Canad

How racial bias works and how to disrupt it

Our brains create categories to make sense of the world, recognize patterns and make quick decisions. But this ability to categorize also exacts a heavy toll in the form of unconscious bias.

In this powerful TED talk, psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt explores how our biases unfairly target Black people at all levels of society — from schools and social media to policing and criminal justice — and discusses how creating points of friction can help us actively interrupt and address this troubling problem.

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