Trauma-Informed Care – Casey House

Casey House is in the process of developing a trauma-informed care workshop to better serve people living with HIV. Trauma-informed care is a way of interacting with clients that acknowledges the relationship between individuals’ experience of trauma, the potential impact of trauma on relationships (in particular relationships with healthcare and service providers) and the negative health outcomes that can result.

Trauma-informed care is recognized as a way of providing safe and sensitive care to marginalized populations by working to create environments of inclusion, assisting healthcare providers to engage with clients in informed ways and ultimately to impact health and support systems.

Here is a pre-workshop questionnaire that will help tailor the workshop curriculum to meet specific learning needs of those who work in our sector. Results will be used to develop a training for the  frontline workers who will attend the OAN’s Support Workers Training in January 2020. This survey will take about 5 minutes of your time so please complete it before the deadline of November 30, 2019.

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