Job Postings: Three Positions Available, OAHAS

The goal of the Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy (Oahas) is to provide culturally respectful and sensitive programs and strategies to respond to the shifting HIV/AIDS epidemic and contemporary related issues among Aboriginal people in Ontario through promotion, education & prevention, access, long term care, treatment and support initiatives consistent with harm reduction (the Teaching of Non-Interference), and to work with Aboriginal leadership and other decision-makers until the disease no longer affects Aboriginal people. Below are the three available positions with Oahas. Click the Job Title to view the full job posting.

Women’s Community Development Worker – Thunder Bay, Full-Time
This position is part of the Women’s HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI). WHAI is a provincial capacity-building initiative designed to enhance local response to the needs of women living with HIV, and in creating supporting safe and healthy environments. This position is unique to WHAI in that it is specific to Aboriginal women in the province of Ontario.

Regional Outreach and Support Services Worker – Toronto, Full-Time Contract
This position will provide services to eliminate the spread of HIV among Aboriginal people in the Toronto area. It is intended to help improve the lives of Aboriginal People living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs) and those affected or at-risk in the Toronto region.

Finance Officer – Toronto, Part-Time Contract
The Finance Officer’s responsibilities would be to provide Senior level financial services for the agency’s accounting processes, which includes, but is not limited to managing the accounts receivable, accounts payable, month end close, tax-creditable receipts, along with providing payroll and benefit administration for the organization.

All three postings will close no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday September 15, 2015

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