The Ladder is True

Payment card, phone, notebook and calendar on wooden boards
Payment card, phone, notebook and calendar on wooden boards

The Ontario Substance Use Training Program (OHSUTP) is pleased to announce its latest evolution: the Ontario Harm Reduction Network (OHRN)! This update also better reflects the mandate of the organization: striving to better meet the needs of those working in Harm Reduction throughout Ontario. 

OHRN will focus on continued development and strengthening of its provincial network of over 80 frontline Harm Reduction workers to ensure a robust provincial response to the needs of people who use drugs. All the while maintaining a core vision of treating people who use drugs with dignity and respect, free of judgement and offering effective care and support when accessing services across Ontario.

Please visit www.ohrn.org to learn more about their amazing work and to see what resources and supports they can provide to your organization.

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