PLDI – Leadership Matters

Now more than ever, we are convinced that leadership matters.  It matters in our communities, our homes, our neighbourhoods, our province and in our Member agencies. The OAN is working to make leadership matter and we’ve recently wrapped up our 2019 PLDI training sessions and look forward to 2020.

After completing a highly successful PLDI training on communication skills in July, we are now in the process of redesigning our ‘So you want to be a PLDI facilitator?’ training model.

We are also working on an online Pre-Governance 101 training for core training graduates who are new to governance. This training will allow participants to get a taste of how Boards work. We look forward to offering both the facilitator training and governance sessions in early 2020.

Because leadership truly does matter, we invite you to reflect on how you and your agency can be involved in the PLDI and in strengthening both your leadership skills and the skills of those around you. As we wrap up our 2019 training season we thought we’d share a few words from our PLDI graduates.

“The training touches the inner person and challenges one’s potential to take candid positions in Leadership”

“This was a rewarding experience and I feel privileged to be connected with this community of amazing people”

“This was amazing, a life changer, an eye opener, a self-evaluation process, it gave me strength, hope, love support and connections of all kinds. Push your leadership forward, don’t give up because you already own the floor you walk on. Remember leadership is growth building everyday, you’ll make it, you can succeed”

“It’s been a great experience. By nature, I’m a fairly reserved and self-conscious individual, sometimes an obvious inward thinker and being. This can sometimes be seen as being standoffish or disconnected, but it’s all a process for me. The training allowed me to just be me. It still forced me out of my comfort zone but respected my boundaries enough at the same time so that I still felt safe”

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