PHA Body Meeting – a history

PHA Body & PHA Summit 2017

The role of the PHA Body is to provide PHA leaders, associated with an OAN Member agency in Ontario, an opportunity to gather and influence the work of the Ontario AIDS Network. The annual meeting, as part of the OAN AGM, also produces a nominee for the OAN Board of Directors when, as this year, there is a vacancy for one of the two At-Large Declared positions.

During last year’s OAN Annual General Meeting, several PHA delegates from across Ontario demanded the prioritization and re-establishment of the role of the PHA Body in OAN operations. This action was in response to waning attendance at the PHA Body Meetings in recent years and to draw attention to the decreasing time allotment provided for the gathering itself.

Responding to a call from its membership, the Ontario AIDS Network convened a two-day PHA Summit in November 2017 which brought together sixty people living with HIV from every member agency from across the province. Highly interactive, facilitated deliberations over these two days focused on the roles and responsibilities of PHA Body delegates, existing structures, support for and engagement of PHA Body delegates.

PHA Body Meeting at the OAN AGM

This year, the PHA Body Meeting will take place on Thursday, September 6th, from 5:30pm – 9:30pm, in advance of Day 1 of the Ontario AIDS Network Members’ Meeting and Annual General Meeting. The agenda for the PHA body meeting will be available in the AGM 2018 folder next week.

Recommendations coming out of the PHA Body Meeting – for the greater involvement of people living with HIV in the work of the Ontario AIDS Network, as well as nominees for the upcoming vacant position of At-Large Declared OAN Board Member, will be presented during Day 2 on Saturday, September 8th.

To attend, you must be an HIV+ delegate, representing an OAN Regular Member organization. At this time, delegates from OAN Affiliate organizations are not allowed to attend the PHA Body Meeting.

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