OAN Skills+

In addition to our OAN Skills Workshop Series, we are proud to pilot a new online initiative of monthly topical workshops called OAN Skills+.

OAN Skills+ aims to fill the large gaps between in-person gatherings with one-hour online webinars hosted by the OAN and featuring a facilitator from within our Network and a special guest presenter. OAN Skills+ webinars will take place from 11am – 12 pm, the third Wednesday of the month.

At the bottom of this newsletter, we have introduced a placeholder to show our upcoming webinars.

The first OAN Skills+ Webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 and will discuss HIV Self-Testing Kits with Rick Galli, Chief Technology Officer, Biolytical Laboratories and Facilitated by Phillip Banks, Director of the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance.

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