Nominations for OAN Elections Now Open

Nominations for OAN Elections are now currently open. Please find below the nomination forms for the seats up for election this year, as well as the list of OAN regular member agencies according to region. It’s always nice to know who is in your region when discussing potential board nominations, as each regional caucus will have the responsibility to endorse candidates for election at the AGM. Anyone who is a voting representative or non-voting participant appointed by Regular Members in good standing of the Ontario AIDS Network is eligible to apply or be nominated.

The “Designated” seats are open to those people who are living with HIV and are comfortable disclosing their status publicly. Non-Designated seats are open to anyone, regardless of HIV status. Please take a moment to review the list below and consider plans to nominate qualified candidates in your region, or run yourself for election to the board.

The seats up for election this year are below. Click the seat’s text for the nomination form of each.

Here are some ways that you can help populate our board vacancies:

  1. Look to other agencies in your region which may have gone through this process before for advice and potential help identifying qualified candidates.
  2. Post OAN election details in your agency newsletters, and on websites and bulletin boards.
  3. Consult an OAN board member for assistance in completing any documents and to review election guidelines and by laws.
  4. Executive Directors are encouraged to connect with their staff and volunteers about any individuals who may come recommended for participation on the OAN Board.
  5. Connect with existing OAN Board Members in order to obtain information about the OAN board experience and election process.

Each voting member belongs to a regional caucus and has the opportunity to have input and endorse candidates for election to the board. Regular members also have the right to send up to two delegates to the AGM; if two are sent, one must be a PHA.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for nomination form submissions is Friday April 17, 2015.

For any additional information please contact Les Bowman, Governance Chair – OAN Board of Directors at lbowman@iaw.on.ca

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