Keep Your Bubble Tight! New GMSH COVID-19 Resources

As COVID-19 continued to impact our everyday lives, this summer wasn’t quite what anyone expected. To help continue managing life during this pandemic, the GMSH teamed – up with the folks at BoylesqueTO to ask how they were exploring intimacy and self-love. 

Public Health officials continue to call for us each to establish ‘social bubbles’. This also means limiting our sexual and social interactions to a smaller group to reduce potential COVID-19 exposures. It’s important to recognize that the bubble we think we’re in is not always the reality, especially with increased interactions between members of multiple social/sexual networks. It can help to think of these shared bubbles like a closed relationship with up to 10 people!

So how can we keep our bubble-tight?

The hilarious BoylesqueTO set out to answers that question. Please enjoy a new series of videos launching across GMSH social channels this week! These videos direct folks to their Covid-19 page on The Sex You Want which includes additional helpful resources. 

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