HIV Testing Day

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS), in association with provincial and local organizations, will be launching its first-ever Canada-wide HIV Testing Dayon June 27th, 2018 in 40 communities across Canada.

Participants will be tested for HIV and other STBBI using point-of-care testing kits or blood draws.

CAS is looking for any Ontario community-based organization interested in holding an HIV Testing Day event in their community to:

  • work with local health authorities to promote the event (with customizable promotional materials provided by CAS) in collaboration with local health authorities or sexual health clinics
  • to provide pre- and post-test counselling to participants where needed.

If you are interested in holding an HIV Testing Day event in your community, please contact Gary Lacasse,  Executive Director of CAS soon as possible at gary.lacasse@cdnaids.ca or by phone at 613-230-3580 x118.

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