Celebrating ACB HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and Black History Month

ACCHO is proud to be celebrating Black History Month and honoured to be marking African, Caribbean and Black Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on February 7th, by launching a province-wide campaignThe Care Collective – targeting African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) women with the aim of increasing HIV awareness, promoting HIV testing, and sparking conversations around HIV.  Data shows that more than half of the women testing positive for HIV in Ontario are ACB women, and these numbers are expected to go up.  Although remarkable headway has been made in the fight against HIV, in fact because remarkable headway has been made, we cannot ignore those who are being left behind.  As we boldly go forward in this struggle, ACCHO’s focus is on getting the populations that have been left behind to the finish line.  Join ACCHO as they put the spotlight on ACB women.  For more information on this campaign, go here.

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