Body Maps!

CATIE is offering original body map artwork and/or reproductions to any interested organization or individual. The maps were created many years ago through a  partnership with Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI), an organization working in a few countries in east and southern Africa in psychosocial support for girls, boys and youth.

REPSSI also works with HIV positive women to build their own body maps, during educational and psychosocial supportive retreats.  CATIE’s contribution was to provide information regarding treatment.  At that time, treatment was either newly available or inaccessible for most of the women.  CATIE’s staff, Tricia Smith learnt the body mapping technique and brought the program to Canada.

Some of the maps have been displayed at AIDS 2006, during a Stephen Lewis Foundation fundraiser, in the Visitor’s Lobby at the UN Building in NYC during the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AIDS, and at numerous other conferences. You can find more information about the body maps here.

The originals are life size (75″ x 47.5″) and on heavy paper, and are not easily transported.  The reproductions are also life-sized (83.5″ x 48″) and in sturdy transportable bags with sturdy/heavy metal mounting stands.  CATIE also has smaller reproductions available (36″ x 24″) of three of the body maps.

Contact Shamim ShambeMiradam at smiradam@catie.ca to have one delivered to your office!

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