At the Intersections of Criminalization

Do you have questions about the intersections of the criminalization of HIV and advances in treatment, testing and surveillance? If so, you should attend this session in Toronto on November 22nd, 2019 at the 519 Community Centre!

Canada and the US are global leaders in advancing HIV treatment and prevention interventions to improve the health outcomes of people living with HIV and reducing transmissions. At the same time, both are known as global leaders for criminalizing people living with HIV for transmission, non-disclosure and exposure.

This session will allow dialogue between leading interdisciplinary researchers, experts, and people with lived experience, all working at the intersections of research, clinical care, service delivery, public health and criminal justice. Join them to set new research directions to address the quickly shifting landscape of HIV criminalization and advances in treatment and prevention, and public health surveillance technologies.

This is a session that shouldn’t be missed – go here to register.

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