Anti-Black Racism is a Public Health Crisis

The Alliance for Healthier Communities has called on their allies to make commitments to addressing the many iterations of white supremacy and anti-Black racism by standing in solidarity with Black people, committing to interrupting cycles of violence and refusing to make this an issue only Black people care about. This is everyone’s business.

The Alliance stands with Black people everywhere in calling for faster action to meaningfully confront white supremacy and address anti-Black racism through the declaration of anti-Black racism as a public health crisis and an enhanced accountability infrastructure to address police brutality, police violence and harms to Black communities. The Alliance also calls for a strengthened Anti-Racism Directorate with a clearly articulated, targeted and systemic anti-Black racism strategy and a provincial commitment to the allocation of protected funds to provide culturally appropriate health and well-being support within Black communities.

A critical component of undoing anti-Black racism is working towards making Black life livable. Culturally appropriate organizations must be given the support they need to continue providing these services.

We applaud the work of the Alliance and urge you to go here to learn more. 

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