Agency Closures

Here is a list of our Member Agencies and their closure details. This page will continue to update, so please stay tuned.

2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations –
Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) – http://acas.org/acas-offices-closed/
AIDS Committee of Durham Region (ACDR) – https://www.aidsdurham.com/covid-19.html
AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area (ACNBA) –
AIDS Committee of Ottawa) (ACO) – http://aco-cso.ca/aco-services-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/
ACT – https://www.actoronto.org/
Action Positive – Connect by phone 416-340-8484 ext 260 and e-mails at info@actionpositive.ca
Africans In Partnership Against AIDS (APAA) –
ARCH – https://www.archguelph.ca/COVID19
Black CAP – http://www.blackcap.ca/page.php?u=/news-events/covid19
Bruce House – https://brucehouse.ca/covid-19-bruce-house-programs-and-services/
Casey House – https://www.caseyhouse.com/how-we-help/day-health-program-services/
CATIE – www.catie.ca
CAYR – https://cayrcc.org/cayrs-covid-19-response/
Elevate – https://elevatenwo.org/covid19/
Fife House – https://www.fifehouse.org/executive-director-job-posting-announcement/
Gilbert Centre – https://www.gilbertcentre.ca/
HALCO – https://www.halco.org/
Hemophilia – www.Hemophilia.on.ca
LetsStopAIDS –
MOYO – https://moyohcs.ca/covid-19-update/
OAHAS – https://www.oahas.org/
OHTN – http://www.ohtn.on.ca/ohtn-staff-working-remotely-beginning-monday-march-16th/
PARN – https://parn.ca/
PASAN – http://www.pasan.org/
PWA – https://www.pwatoronto.org/service-update-from-pwa/
Reseau Access Network – https://www.reseauaccessnetwork.com/coronavirus-covid-19-response/
RHAC – http://hivaidsconnection.ca/covid-19
The AIDS Network – https://aidsnetwork.ca/important-notice-programs-and-services-update/
The Teresa Group – https://teresagroup.ca/

Privacy Policy 

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