ACCHO Staff Announcement Valérie Pierre-Pierre

It is with especially mixed emotions that we announce the formal resignation of the ACCHO Director, Valérie Pierre-Pierre. As you may know, Valérie accepted a short-term role at the AIDS Bureau in December 2017 and had planned to return to her role at ACCHO in June 2018. Recently, Valérie submitted her resignation to the ACCHO Executive after accepting a Senior Policy Analyst position on the Hepatitis C team with the AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs.

Valérie joined the ACCHO team in January 2010 and during her tenure she provided tremendous leadership that enhanced the operations and significantly expanded the reach and scope of ACCHO. She cultivated dynamic partnerships with diverse stakeholders, strengthened relations with the funded agencies that employ African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) Strategy Workers and embedded the principles of GIPA/MIPA into ACCHO. She also managed the development and implementation of the Ontario HIV/AIDS Strategy for African, Caribbean and Black Communities 2013-2018, campaigns such as the It Takes Courage campaign and the ACCHO Strategic Plan.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Michelle Sumner-Williams for assuming the Interim Director role during this time of transition. The ACCHO Executive Committee has initiated a recruitment process to identify our next Director. We expect this process will be completed this month.

We would like to thank Valérie for her dedication and commitment to excellence in the role of ACCHO Director. Her leadership, vision and humour will be missed as ACCHO continues its work. Please join us in wishing Valérie great success and happiness as she takes this next step in her career.


Fanta Ongoiba,

Trevor Gray,

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