A White Man’s Province: British Columbia Politicians and Chinese and Japanese Immigrants 1858-1914

by Patricia E. Roy | Apr 19, 2021

“We are not strong enough to assimilate races so alien from us in their habits … We are afraid they will swamp our civilization as such”. – Nanaimo Free Press, 1914

A White Man’s Province examines how British Columbians changed their attitudes towards Asian immigrants from one of toleration in colonial times to vigorous hostility by the turn of the century and describes how politicians responded to popular cries to halt Asian immigration and restrict Asian activities in the province.

Drawing on almost every newspaper and magazine report published in the province before 1914, and on government records and private manuscripts, Roy has produced a revealing historical account of the complex basis of racism in British Columbia and of the contribution made to the province in these early years by its Chinese and Japanese residents.

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